Bill Murray Channels Liberace for Letterman's 20th Anniversary [Video]

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Bill Murray Channels Liberace for Letterman's 20th Anniversary [Video]

Twenty years later, Bill Murray still knows how to make an entrance.

The comedy legend was a guest on David Letterman's very first "Late Show" twenty years ago, and he stops by tonight to celebrate Dave's 20th anniversary at CBS with a healthy dose of pomp and circumstance.

In the advance clip above, Murray rides onstage in a gleaming white town car pushed by manservants and emerges from the backseat dressed in full Liberace regalia, complete with a pompadour wig, a shiny white cape, and plenty of sequins. (Looks like somebody's seen "Behind the Candelabra.")

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Murray hands the fuzzy white dog he's clutching to his driver (not Matt Damon, unfortunately) and saunters over to Dave while soaking up the applause. Bandleader Paul Shaffer even calls out "Bravo!" from the side of the stage.

Dave, without missing a beat, greets Bill with, "I didn't know you had a dog!"

But Bill makes it clear exactly who he got all dressed up for: "I love you, audience, but I don't have time tonight. Because I'm only here for one reason," before coyly pointing in Letterman's direction.

Catch the full interview on tonight's "Late Show," 11:35 PM on CBS.