'Big Bang Theory' Relationships Go Under the Microscope: 7 Things to Expect From Season 7

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"The Big Bang Theory" is riding high going into its seventh season — the CBS comedy is a huge hit with viewers, delivering some of its best ratings ever last season, and star Jim Parsons just won another Emmy. When the show returns Sept. 26, fans can expect it to aim for another level of laughs.

Here are seven things to expect from Season 7:

1. Penny and Sheldon … BFFs!

With Leonard (Johnny Galecki) still away in the North Sea, the two people closest to him get closer to each other. Sheldon (Parsons) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) "share a couple intimate secrets about each other," showrunner Steve Molaro teased. "They have some really sweet scenes together."

But don't get too excited, Shenny fans. Molaro also said that a romance is "probably not" in the cards.

2. Leonard is wet and wild.

When the season starts, Leonard is still on the boat. "The first scene back is a really big, fun scene. It's been three or four months since he's been gone, and we will see him on a boat," Molaro previewed. But while he's gone, he's not forgotten — he and Penny will have Skype conversations!

3. Will Sheldon and Amy finally have(real) sex?. 

Sheldon's relationship with Amy (Mayim Bialik) has been developing bit by bit — and took a big leap with the Dungeons & Dragons episode last season. But will their physical connection evolve from role play to actuality? Molaro says: "It's a possibility" for this year. But, he told Vulture, "I think it will keep going along at their snail's pace which, to Sheldon, is not a snail's pace at all."

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4. Mr. and Mrs. Wolowitz's honeymoon phase ends quickly.

There's trouble in paradise for the married couple! Early in Season 7, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) get into a big fight. Howard flees their apartment, into the comforting arms of Raj!

5. Raj = Lady killer? Not quite.

Speaking of Raj (Kunal Nayyar), he can talk to girls! Finally! But don't think he's gone all George Clooney yet. While Raj can now speak to women without the help of alcohol, he won't be very good at it. In the season premiere, he'll try to hit on ladies — and fail miserably.

6. Girls want to have fun!

Having a well-rounded cast means "Big Bang Theory" can mix and match different characters, and this season, fans will see a friendship develop between Amy and Bernadette. The two women hit the road together for a science conference. "Things happen," Molaro laughed to the Hollywood Reporter. What happens in Sacramento stays in Sacramento.

7. Everybody wants to return to the "Big Bang" party.

The hit comedy has always been able to attract big name guest stars, and clearly, they have a great time on the set because so many want to return. In Season 7, Christine Baranski is coming back as Leonard's mom, Regina King is set to return as the director of Caltech human resources, and the writers are figuring out a way for Bob Newhart to reprise his Emmy-winning role as Professor Proton.

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. with back-to-back episodes.