'Betrayal': A 'Wicked Word,' a Wicked Rich Featurette [Exclusive Video]

Caroline Kepnes
Fall TV
'Betrayal': A 'Wicked Word,' a Wicked Rich Featurette [Exclusive Video]

In this delectable tease of ABC's "Betrayal," the stars wax poetic about the age-old sin. Hannah Ware finds the show's "failed characters" to be "compelling." James Cromwell says "betrayal" is a "wicked word"; and Henry Thomas, who plays Cromwell's son, says that the title fits because the show "not only deals with infidelity in the extramarital affair, but it also deals with family and love and broken dreams." Chris Johnson observes, "Anyone who's lived any number of years past the age of 5 would probably know some element of betrayal."

And the show-don't-tell part of the featurette is equally captivating. Cromwell manhandles his mentally unbalanced son (Thomas). We're blessed with a scene that plays like a re-enactment of the meet-cute photo session between Julia Roberts's lusty photographer and Jude Law's betrothed author in the film adaptation of the play "Closer." And that's a huge compliment. When TV draws from deep, character-driven ensembles — hello "Parenthood" — good things happen.

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Handsome Stuart Townsend says, "There are so many forms of betrayal because there are so many forms of love." And he's right. The trailer has families fighting, secret lovers being photographed, classic boardroom rage, and Chris Johnson giving crazy eyes as he reveals his plans for the guy he doesn't realize is sleeping with his wife, but is planning to go up against in the courtroom: "I'm gonna crucify him."

And we're gonna watch that crucifixion every week — assuming, of course, that it's as good as we hope.

"Betrayal" premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10 p.m. on ABC.