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Bethenny Getting a Talk Show

Daytime in No Time

"Ellen": From the people who brought you "Bethenny Getting Married", it's "Bethenny Getting a Talk Show". Yep, Everyone's FBF (Favorite Bethenny Frankel) turned up on big sister Ellen's show today, to preview a highlight reel of her new daytime yakker (that's industry biz for "show in which somebody yaks a lot"). Bethenny promises to "dish on sex, motherhood, relationships, money and beauty in a whole new way", which so far means a clip of her putting avocado and oil in her hair. And she promised us that she's gonna "go there". Hey, that's totally cool. But do you mind if when you go there, I go somewhere else?

"GDNY": Of course I'm glad that Greg decided to drink a little bit of hot sauce on the show today, but I really wish he would have given it more of an effort! If you're gonna take a "shot" of hot sauce, don't just drink a small cap full, do an actual shot Greg! Sure it might have been more painful for you, but it would have been more funny for the viewers! And isn't that what's really important here?!

"GDLA": I sometimes wish that I had a nice big house in the hills with a great view and an infinity pool and stuff like that. But now that I've learned that bears enjoy all of those nice things, I'm not feeling quite so jealous of rich people! I'm pretty sure a bear would have no interest in my boring little back yard, so I'm feeling pretty good about that, suckers!

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