Best preppy name ever


GDNY”: With Greg Kelly you never quite know what's planned and what's a complete accident. And even while the look on his face at times made me think he purposely left the lid barely screwed on, I think the outcome was definitely more severe than he expected! I just hope he doesn't have to pay for damages because in the few years I've been watching this show, I've seen Greg destroy at least five computers and bunch of Rosanna's dresses!

Today”: Snooki lost 42 pounds, but apparently some of those pounds she wants back in a very strategic way. She said she wants her boobs back and that motherhood as made her “floppy”. I’d say TMI, but this is Snooki we’re talking about!

Live!”: Sure, Josh Charles was technically appearing on today's “Live” to talk about being on "The Good Wife". And he's probably still pretty well known for playing a fake anchorman on "Sports Night". But I really wish Kelly had asked him more "Dead Poets Society" questions, because to me, Josh will always be poor, adorable, lovestruck Knox Overstreet. Best preppy name EVER.

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