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Benedict Cumberbatch Has Several Doppelgangers! Know Anyone Who Looks Like the 'Sherlock' Star?

Maggie Furlong
Yahoo TV
February 19, 2014

They say that everyone in the world has a twin — someone who looks just like you, but has no blood relation — but what if your twin was one of the most recognizable famous faces in the world, with one of the most rabid fanbases?

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Meet "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch's teenage twin from Britain, 16-year-old Tyler Mitchell. Mitchell capitalized on his look-alike's notoriety by hashtagging his Instagram pictures with #benedict, #cumberbatch, #sherlock, #holmes, and other related search terms, and some avid Cumberbatch fans in China found them, started commenting in Chinese, and made the photos go viral.

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Mitchell has since asked the Chinese fans to stop commenting, but photos like these aren't helping:

Cumberbatch has such a unique look, but Mitchell isn't his only dead ringer: Yahoo TV's own Dave Nemetz has been mistaken for Cumberbatch several times as well.

Here's a profile shot of Dave hosting Yahoo TV's Emmys pre-show last year. (Sorry, Dave!) Can you see the resemblance?

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If you know anyone who's the spitting image of the "Sherlock" star, tweet us a pic @YahooTV or share them with us on Facebook.

If we find enough of you, maybe we'll organize a Cumberbatch Carbon Copies meet-up! (Kidding... sort of.)