Believe Your Eyes — Witch Hunters Want the 'Coven's' Blood

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Taissa Farmiga as Zoe, Jamie Brewer as Nan, and Emma Roberts as Madison in "American Horror Story: Coven"
Taissa Farmiga as Zoe, Jamie Brewer as Nan, and Emma Roberts as Madison in "American Horror Story: Coven"

Revenge is an especially scary notion on "American Horror Story: Coven," and sometimes all that's needed are a melon baller and some silver bullets to get the desired effect.

In an intense and casually gruesome episode, this week's "Head" not only unites witchcraft with voodoo, but also exposes an ultra-bizarre witch-hunting conglomerate that is at the nexus of the coven's danger.

With the witch hunters responsible for Cordelia's blinding and Hank's double life, and the witches matching each action with solutions for Cordelia's eyesight and Queenie's quick save, it seems as if "Horror Story" is at a temporary checkmate, as an all-out war is on the horizon. Here are the top shockers from this week's episode that made our eyes pop out of our heads.

Witch Hunters

Through a traumatic boyhood flashback, it's revealed that Hank comes from a long line of witch hunters and began shooting, or rather failing to shoot, silver bullets at a young age.

Despite Hank's missing his targets over the years, his father still uses him as the family's witch-hunting informant, with his marriage to Cordelia part of his spying mission from the start. As a result, Hank has a major loser complex and is surprised to learn that the corporation blinded Cordelia so that she would be more likely to need Hank in her life. Well, that plan backfired.

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Meanwhile, Laveau starts pressuring Hank to hold up his end of their deal to kill the witches. As she begins to torture him, Laveau explains that the next pin will be through his heart unless he kills the witches by the end of the night. Afterward, as Hank goes to the coven to plead for the return of Cordelia (whom he actually seems to love), Cordelia demands a divorce from Hank. So in a sense, the hole in his heart is already growing on its own. The humanity!

What's a confused and bullied witch hunter to do? Freak out and make things worse, of course. Feeling pressure from both his father and Marie Laveau to finally start making moves on the New Orleans coven, Hank revolts under their control and goes full Rambo and invades Laveau's salon, killing everyone in sight. He shoots Queenie (cruel, cruel world!), but she still manages to blow her brains out voodoo-style (and thus Hank's brains) in order to save Laveau from a fatal shot. Hank goes out with a bang, but as usual creates an even bigger mess doing so. Ugh, typical Hank.

Will Queenie survive Hank's shot in her stomach? And just how intense will the witch hunters' wrath be on the coven now that Hank is dead?

Take My Eyes

Frances Conroy as Myrtle "American Horror Story: Coven"
Frances Conroy as Myrtle "American Horror Story: Coven"

Cordelia knows that Fiona set up Myrtle Snow and that her beloved "Auntie Myrtle" could have never blinded her with acid. Angry that Cordelia has been maimed and that the witch council was so eager to send her to her demise, Myrtle seeks revenge on the council.

With a melon baller in hand, Myrtle enchants the council members and plucks out one eyeball from each of them to give sight back to Cordelia. With newly adopted eyes, one brown and one blue, Cordelia gains her vision back with the help of Auntie Myrtle's TLC and some witchcraft. However, through this process, Cordelia's clairvoyant visions have ceased.

Will Cordelia develop new powers now that her visions have dissipated? And with her regained strength, is Cordelia the new frontrunner for Supreme?

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Mommy Dearest

Previously, as a test for Misty's power of resurgence, Fiona ordered her to revive Luke's mom Joan Ramsey, bringing her back from the dead and into perfect health. Thus, mommy dearest was able to resume her reign of terror over her son even as he was comatose in the hospital.

After initially refusing to see Nan, Joan allows her inside after reading Luke's mind and providing her with private information regarding his childhood. But soon, Nan begins retelling the story of how Joan killed Luke's father by planting bees, which he was deathly allergic to, in his car when he wanted to leave her for another woman. When Luke wakes up from the coma, he confronts his mother with her misdeeds, and she promptly suffocates her son with a pillow. Messed. Up.

How will Nan seek revenge against Joan?

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Allies at Last

At the start of the episode, Fiona goes to Laveau at the hair salon, Delphine's boxed head in tow, and pleads with her to join forces against the witch hunters. Laveau says she'll help them, "right after I pop the champagne," referring to the celebratory demise of the witches. However, after Hank's murderous rampage on the salon, Laveau retreats to the coven for Fiona's support.

Will we soon see the start of a new pact between witchcraft and voodoo? Is Laveau (and maybe Queenie) the last of her sect?

Screams and Squeals

Evan Peters as Kyle and Jessica Lange as Fiona "American Horror Story: Coven"
Evan Peters as Kyle and Jessica Lange as Fiona "American Horror Story: Coven"

* Fiona finds Kyle in the coven and heals him, since they are in dire "need of a guard dog that attacks on command."

* Queenie tortures Delphine's immobile head with the entire "Roots" series and educates her on black history. Finally!

* Misty Day and Cordelia are new BFFs. Will their joined forces bring about a new era at the coven?

"American Horror Story: Coven" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.