Behold The Cheesetasticness Of Stefano’s Debut Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"American Idol" Season 10 contestant Stefano Langone's first music video, for "I'm On A Roll," is the pretty much THE cheesiest thing I've seen since I took a tour of that cheese factory in Wisconsin. And keep in mind that I'm a woman who watched every single Ford Music Video this "Idol" season.

Not only is he just going by the singular moniker (say it in a Fabio-esque whisper) "Stefano" now, but his new music video has...pillow fights! A candy-apple-red sports car like the one Jake drove in Sixteen Candles! Bikini girls dancing in slow-mo by a hotel pool! B-roll of glamorous Hollywood Blvd.! Someone from the New Boyz! Really bad acting! Casey Abrams dressed like a hobo!

In short, "I'm On A Roll" is kind of...awesome. I almost can't believe it's real; it's like an SNL Digital Short or something. But then again, other than the surprising fact that he keeps his shirt on throughout, this is actually exactly what I expected from Stefano Langone. (Oops, sorry--I mean from Stefano.)

Click below and watch the video like It's. The. Best. Night. Of. Your. Life. Or at least the cheesiest!

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