Beg for compliments and candy!


"Ellen": Go on over to Ellen's website and you'll get a whole bunch of extra treats! Not just today, but every day, Ellen opens up her bag of tricks and shows off some of the fun things she does during rehearsals and behind-the-scenes… it's almost as entertaining as the show itself!

"The View": Celebrity roast master Jeffrey Ross joined the show and instead of teetering on the edge of offending people by roasting a big celebrity, he went out and roasted tropical storm Sandy! Finally, a roast that everyone can enjoy and agree on! Sandy blows!

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Normally, I would think it's pretty odd to celebrate Halloween six days late like Kelly and Michael are planning to do. But really I think that is a brilliant idea, it's another day to watch people dress like fools and beg others for compliments and candy! Plus it looks like they pre-shot themselves getting all done up in different costumes and you can't let that go to waste!

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