Barbara Walters Learns to Golf


The View” kicked off a new series called “Barbara Learns to …,” in which Barbara Walters attempts to learn skills she hasn’t already mastered in her eventful life. And on Friday, the show welcomed Golf Channel’s Michael Breed to teach Walters how to golf. An admittedly terrible athlete, Walters said her highest achievement in sports came at a summer camp when she was named Most Improved Athlete because, as she says, “They had to give me something.” And it turns out she’s right, because watching her try to learn golf was as funny and painful to watch as it probably was for her to experience! After the putting lesson, which didn’t go well, Breed gave Walters a children’s inner tube he named “Happy Harry” to help in the full swing lesson. And while Walters didn’t fare much better taking full swings, she did take a liking to Happy Harry!

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