Bail Force Winds: 'Amazing Race' Fast Forward Attempt Slowed By Weather [Video]

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Bail Force Winds: 'Amazing Race' Fast Forward Attempt Slowed By Weather [Video]

It's leg five of "The Amazing Race" 23 and teams are starting to feel the burn, slow down and make mistakes as the competition moves across Europe from Poland to Vienna. And according to this exclusive clip from the next episode, one team is feeling particularly winded.

Couple Jason and Amy attempt to shortcut the Vienna Boys Choir challenge seen in last Sunday's previews and find Phil first by going for the coveted Fast Forward, which appears to be taking place in the Danube Tower AKA the tallest building in Austria, despite Amy's sudden onset of panic in the elevator, most likely brought on by the fact that a building like this can only mean a handful of adrenaline-fueled challenge types. "Feel my heart. I'm freaking out and I'm now afraid of heights."

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But once atop the tower of terror, their Boston bungee party is over before it can begin when the operator bears the bad news. "Sorry, but we cannot jump now. It's really too windy. It's too dangerous. Maybe in 10 or 15 minutes," he says as houseplants blow over and Amy's perfect ponytail becomes tousled by a big gust.

Jason immediately wants to leave, but his girlfriend urges waiting out the weather. "We're the first ones and the moment it stops being this windy, we can do it." Jason still doesn't trust banking on the weather and considering he owns a snowplow company and deals with inclement conditions for a living, maybe it'd be wise to let him take the lead on this decision. Guessing the beards going home last week after falling behind because they changed tasks is also fresh in their minds.

Pretty sure this isn't the first time the Bostonians' plans have been thwarted by extreme weather, but it's probably the only one that could cost them a million bucks. Should they stay or should they go? Are they Boston strong enough to survive this meteorological mishap?

"The Amazing Race" airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on CBS.