Go Backstage with ‘The Voice’ Top Four

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Monday night was full of drama, drama, drama during "The Voice's" final showdown. We had children's choruses, white-robed choirs, Cee Lo riding a motorcycle onstage, Juliet Simms rocking a new hair color while battling the flu, teary Jermaine Paul having an emotional moment with his doting parents backstage, Tony Lucca controversially daring to do "99 Problems," and, most excitingly/perplexingly, Tony's ex-"Mickey Mouse Club" castmate and arch nemesis Christina Aguilera sinking her gel-manicured claws into him (accusing him of being a misogynist, texting during his performance, implying that he's not a "real man," etc.).

In other words...it was great television.

Backstage after the big show, Yahoo!'s Reality Rocks caught up with the final four to ask about all this drama and more. See Tony talk about his Xtina beef and whether he thinks his "99 Problems" cover crossed a line; Chris Mann discuss his lifelong dream of dueting on "The Prayer" with Christina, and if he thinks her sparring with Tony will hurt his chances; Juliet reflect on "Voice" gender issues and her deep connection with Cee Lo's cat, Purrfect; and Jermaine talk about his deep connection with his mom.

Which one of these very different talents will win "The Voice" this week?

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