‘Bachelor Pad’: The Season’s Most Disgusting Moments

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Some contestants wound up with egg on their face -- and everywhere else, too (Greg Zabilski/ABC)
Some contestants wound up with egg on their face -- and everywhere else, too (Greg Zabilski/ABC)

We could classify this entire season of "Bachelor Pad" as utterly disgusting, but there were a handful of moments that really brought "gross" to a whole new level. Here are the moments that made our skin crawl and almost caused us to cover our eyes in horror.

Who Wears Short Shorts?
We understand that it wasn't their choice and that it was producer-mandated attire, but we really didn't need to see the men donning super-tight Speedos for their synchronized swimming competition. Let's just say we now know more about Jake than we ever wanted to.

Egg on Your Back
The contestants all got targets painted on their backs and were lined up by gender so they could take turns "voting" on fun subjects like who was the most unattractive woman in the house. The voting was conducted via throwing eggs filled with paint at the ugly person, natch. Physically and emotionally abusive? Way to go, show.

Bullying Is Totally Sexy
Princess Erica isn't used to not getting her way, so she horrified us by giving Blake a massage and then made our jaws hit the floor as she told Blake straight out that he needed to have sex with her in order to win the game. Sex in exchange for money… there's a name for that, isn't there?

Kiss and Tell
It's everyone's favorite competition, in which all of the men get blindfolded and have to judge the kissing abilities of the women in the house -- and then vice versa. Sure, let's spread the love and germs all around. This time it was made even grosser with the addition of Kasey's halitosis problem. Perhaps if he didn't hate Blake, the dentist could help him with that.

Tattoo Torture
Kasey is an awful individual. First he got that stupid "guard and protect" tattoo for Ali and then this season, when he felt that his beloved Vienna was being threatened, he made his arm pulse and told the cameras that it was "guard and protect" time. We honestly can't think of many things more repulsive.

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Watching Melissa devolve into crazy jealousy was a bit of a guilty pleasure this summer, but seeing her climb into bed with her "boyfriend" Blake while he was already trying to flirt with Holly was just sad and awful. It's not the sort of threesome we would like to have seen on this show.

Indecent Proposal
So Kasey had a little box and was seemingly going to propose to his girlfriend Vienna, but instead of reacting with glee, she wished (out loud) for it not to be an engagement ring. He quickly claimed it was just a promise ring, but that's more than a little awkward.

Run, Runaway
Jackie got eliminated from the competition and Ames decided to "romantically" quit the show and run after her. Their relationship lasted about three minutes in the real world. But we still had to watch them be all lovey-dovey in the back of a limo.

"Nearlywed" Shocking Revelations
During the "Nearlywed" game challenge, we thought Graham had said he had actually lost his virginity at the age of seven. For a second, we assumed there was some horrible story about an uncle or a teacher to be told. Instead, it turned out that saying "seven" for every numerical answer was just part of his winning strategy.

It's Just Like a Sex Tape
That infamous non-engagement ring? Kasey ripped it off Vienna's finger after she reneged on an alleged promise to get intimate with him in the house. It turned into an icky "no means no" discussion before she finally caved and "cuddled" with him. The worst part? We had to watch the couple crawl over each other under the covers in night vision as Vienna desperately wished for him to just hurry up and get it over with.

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