‘Arrested Development’ Returning for ‘Mini-Series’ on Netflix in 2013

The Set

Late Friday, Netflix announced that they (along with 20th Century Fox and Imagine Entertainment) would be bringing back new episodes of the dearly departed Fox sitcom "Arrested Development," to stream exclusively on their service in early 2013.

"Arrested Development," which hilariously chronicled the breakdown of the formerly wealthy Bluth family, was, of course, canceled five years ago, but has retained (and gained) a loyal and vocal fan base who, along with the media, managed to add credence to the rumor of an upcoming movie on a weekly basis, even though that movie has still never entered production. (It does seem a bit more likely now, especially since the latest word on it, from creator Mitch Hurwitz at an "Arrested" reunion at the New Yorker festival a few months ago, was "10 episodes and a movie.")

The new episodes are said to each focus on one character from the Bluth clan, making production scheduling easier but also sounding a little webisode-y (not to be cranky).

On Saturday night, "Development" co-star Will Arnett (Gob Bluth) and his wife Amy Poehler talked about the announcement on the red carpet of Variety's "Power of Comedy" event, at which Poehler was being honored.

Asked how he would manage to do "Arrested Development" duty while also starring in his NBC show "Up All Night," Arnett answered, "I have no idea!" and then he and Poehler joked about leaking details of the "Arrested Development" script: