Anything That Was Sold, Bought, Or Processed


"Anderson": I guess John Cusack is too busy to do a sequel to "Say Anything". He's so tied up with his other movies... and then there's his career in kickboxing. Ever hear of it? Sport of the future? Plus, writing a new script would be a long process, and he told us he didn't want to sell, buy, or process anything that was sold, bought, or processed. But c'mon, Lloyd, think of how fun it would be! Call up Cameron Crowe, and start writing. Give us your heart! We'll give you a pen!

"Ellen": Ellen welcomed the 14-year-old movie trailer voice kid, you know, from the Internet, and she asked him to voice a promo for the next appearance by British web kid Sophia Grace and her hype girl Rosie. Okay, it's official… the Internet is eating itself alive.

"Access Hollywood Live": I loved how they read Beyonce's "People" interview in slow-jam style so much that I wish they would do a whole show like that! Sweeps start tomorrow where the ratings will need a boost, sounds like a great time to slow jam an entire show to me! That's a way better idea than Billy's suggestion of doing a show naked!

"The View": It must be awkward every time Joel McHale goes on a show that he frequently pokes fun of on "The Soup". But he should just do what I do when people confront me about making fun of them on "Daytime in No Time", I just blame it on the writers! And of course if they want to compliment me on something that I said, well then that was me all the way!

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