Has Anyone Seen Tony Lately?


"Today": The World's Tiniest Puppy has some pretty amazing talents that you'd never think a tiny puppy could do. Like fit in a wine glass! Or fit into a coffee cup! Rebarkable!

"Ellen": Ellen's probably gonna be steamed when she finds out Kelly Ripa added a DJ to her show. That was her wacky sidekick idea first! By the way.. has anyone seen Tony lately?

"Live! with Kelly": New season, new set! They finally got rid of Reeg's wood paneling, and freshened things up. The upper deck of bleacher seats is a nice touch. And if you look behind the desk, not only did they give the fake NYC backdrop a makeover, they even got a new fake dog. Nice pupdate!

"GDNY": I know that this show doesn't have the most professional of atmospheres. And I know that Bob Decastro is normally out in the field reporting. But c'mon man, you gotta act like you've been there before! Or at least act like you know there's a camera pointed at you broadcasting everything you do to millions of people! With all that being said, Bob does have some nice dance moves and I look forward to seeing more of those in the future!

"Wake Up With Al": Al was hanging at the White House for the big Easter celebration that goes on there. At one point he was surrounded by Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Dr. Seuss, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and bunch of Easter bunnies. I guess you could say it was like a meeting with Congress, except that this cast of characters can accomplish some things. Zing!

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