Amy Sedaris was a Wonderful Lunatic on ‘Letterman’ Last Night

The Set

Amy Sedaris was the best thing on TV last night when she went on the "Late Show" (and actually had something actor-y to promote: her guest-starring arc as a lobbyist on "The Good Wife.") As usual, she wore a special dress just for the show (this one has U.S. presidents on it), which she claimed to be "bursting out of," and did her unique, indescribable chatterbox thing for the entire interview, as always. (Note that the band played "Crazy" when she walked out!)

As usual, it's impossible to describe Amy's interview, but it concerns, among many other things, her avoidance of Dave's phone calls ("I don't ever want to talk to Dave without an audience!"), whether or not the laundry product she does commercials for gets rabbit urine out of fabric (she doesn't know, she doesn't use it), and whether or not she's good on "The Good Wife" ("I am fantastic. I'll see ya at the Emmys!") What a nice pre-Thanksgiving present: