‘American Horror Story’ Video: An Exclusive First Look (Part 3)

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Here's our last exclusive sneak peek at FX's mind-bending frightfest, "American Horror Story," debuting this fall. (If you missed the first two clips, here's Part 1 and Part 2.) This final clip, entitled "Couple," hints at the copious amounts of sex featured in "AHS" -- though it's almost all of the "creepy, not sexy" variety. Check it out:

That creepy-lullaby version of "Tainted Love" is back, and underscores that no sexual encounter in "American Horror Story" is exactly a carefree roll in the hay. For example, once Ben (Dylan McDermott) moves his family into a spooky old house, he begins having lustful visions of a seductive young maid -- but is the maid real, or just a hallucination? And Ben's wife, Vivien (Connie Britton), has a passionate encounter with a man in a rubber suit that she thinks is Ben… but we're not so sure.

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There's a lot more creepiness where that came from (trust us), so be sure to tune in October 5 when "American Horror Story" premieres on FX. #ahsfx

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