‘America’s Got Talent’ Week 14 Recap: Last Five Finalists

Were you impressed by Silhouettes? (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)
Were you impressed by Silhouettes? (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

It's the second of the semifinal weeks on "America's Got Talent," and there's no question that every remaining contestant has earned his or her place here. We're no longer weeding out dubious acts, rather sorting through the best of the best -- and the ones who can control their nerves in front of the millions of viewers. It wouldn't be an episode of "AGT" if Piers didn't keep a twitchy hand on the buzzer, but his choices were again vindicated by the voters. Let's take a look at the last five finalists.

Most Surprising: Landon Swank
Landon Swank has had a tough road on "AGT." He showed such early promise, but then had a disappointing finish with the voters. When Piers brought him back for the Wild Card show, Landon was ready to win America over. This week, his act was so nerve-racking that Sharon's hands shook uncontrollably, and she accidentally bumped her buzzer.

Anna Graceman
She may just be 11, but from the first note she sang, American viewers and voters saw Anna Graceman competing in the finals. This week, she changed genres completely, trying out a rock song for the first time. The gamble paid off, leading Sharon and Piers to label Anna's act as the performance of the night.

Smage Brothers Riding Show
The Smage Brothers are used to living on the edge, so they were the best prepared to handle being in the unfortunate fourth-place position. But in the choice between Smage Brothers and Snap Boogie, the brothers cruised their way right into the finals.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
The judges told this car washer in his first audition that his life would never be the same, and, boy, were they right. This crooner is truly living his dream as the new hero in his home state of West Virginia. Singing "I've Got the World on a String" with a full orchestra, Landau proved that he absolutely deserves his place in the finals.

"AGT" may be a haven for dance troupes, but no troupe in the show's history has been anything like Silhouettes. In the last round, these dancers emulated great American landmarks, and this week, they chose a more abstract approach, mimicking weather and the globe. Silhouettes failed to impress Piers, but then again, they're only human. Well, after the vote, they'll also be finalists.

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