‘America’s Got Talent’ Week 13 Recap: Semifinal Standouts

Team iLuminate lit up the semifinal round (Trae Patton/NBC)
Team iLuminate lit up the semifinal round (Trae Patton/NBC)

You thought the quarterfinals would never end, but we're finally here: the semifinals of "America's Got Talent." Thousands auditioned and were whittled down to just 24 contenders, all vying for a million dollars and the chance to headline a Las Vegas show. The first round of 12 semifinalists performed this week, and the stakes are higher than ever. Piers Morgan continued his tradition of "X"-ing anyone who bored him for even a half-second, but at the close of Wednesday's show, five acts were still in the running. Let's take a look at them.

Most Surprising: Team iLuminate
You'd never guess that Team iLuminate was borne from a small Brooklyn apartment. In the early rounds, everyone marveled at the "dancers in the dark," and now we can marvel, too. This week's performance mimicked a '90s video game and had the audience on their feet -- and rightly so.

It's spunky and adorable, and its musical taste spans decades -- impressive for a teen act. PopLyfe has been a judge's darling and fan favorite from the beginning, and this week, it brought the heat once again. It took a risk when it chose the Beatles' "Come Together," but PopLyfe's performance was just edgy enough to set it apart from the rest of the pack.

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The West Springfield Dance Team
Few acts have the chance to stay in America's vision for three weeks running, but the West Springfield Dance Team lucked into that position of high visibility. Its style is dark (some would say post-apocalyptic), but the audience -- and Sharon -- just can't get enough.

Miami All Stars
Traditional dancers have a tough road on "AGT" -- after all, how do you make the act new and exciting in every round? This time, they broke from their standard sultry Latin dances and performed an updated version of swing. It's safe to say the Miami All Stars still have some tricks up their sleeves.

Lys Agnes
Opera isn't a particularly popular genre in America these days, but Lys Agnes is aiming to change that. After battling back from a throat infection, she performed Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life" in her own style, electrifying the crowd along the way.

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