‘America’s Got Talent’ Week 12 Recap: Wild Card Round

J. Chris Newberg cut Piers down to size (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)
J. Chris Newberg cut Piers down to size (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

It was wild card week on "America's Got Talent," and things were, in a word, wild. The judges were each allowed to pick four acts that were previously sent home and give them one more chance to impress America.

The animosity between Piers and Howie took center stage as Pier declared that every one of Howie's choices was worthless — and a waste of the viewers' time. Though Piers was ultimately vindicated when three of his four picks were voted into the semifinals, Howie got the last laugh. His choice, comedian J. Chris Newberg, used his time to "roast" Piers. Let's take a look at those acts rejoining the competition.

Most Surprising: The Kinetic King
The Kinetic King isn't your everyday act; he doesn't sing, dance, juggle, or ride motorcycles. What he does is build enormous real-life domino structures that would make kids lose their minds. The last time he graced the "AGT" stage, the entire act blew up in front of millions, but this time, it was a colorful masterpiece that fell right into place.

The West Springfield Dance Team
"AGT" has its share of peppy, upbeat dance troupes, but the West Springfield Dance Team is not one of them. These kids are deliberately spooky and creepy, and Sharon Osbourne can't get enough. Though Howie and Piers were unimpressed, America picked up the phone.

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The Summerwind Skippers
These jump ropers were devastated when they were eliminated, so this time, they decided to go big or go home. Though there were a few snafus, the performance was definitely a huge step up from their last attempt. They even lit the jump ropes on fire, which makes us wonder what the Summerwind Skippers will do in the next round.

Landon Swank
Magicians are known for putting their lives at risk, and Landon Swank is no exception. This week, he attempted to up his game by locking himself in a tank of water and trying to escape. By the time the buzzer sounded, he was dangling from a rope and his lovely assistant had taken his place in the tank.

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