‘The Amazing Race’: Who Will Win Season 19?

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Which "Race" team will beat the others to the finish line? (Robert Voets/CBS)
Which "Race" team will beat the others to the finish line? (Robert Voets/CBS)

(Television Without Pity) — While we're still scratching our heads at the fact that "The Amazing Race" won yet another Emmy for two mediocre seasons (guess that HD really wowed the aging voters), a new race is under way. We're grateful that former players haven't returned this season, but there are still a bunch of familiar faces thrown in the mix. How will they fare against the reality newbies? We've got our predictions.

Amani and Marcus
The Gimmick: They are a married couple, and he's a former NFL player.
First Impression: He doesn't want people to know that he's a former pro baller, so he skirts around a lie instead of just being honest. Does he realize that people don't get voted out here? It's not "Survivor." Also, he name-drops Peyton Manning so much in interviews that the truth is bound to slip out at some point.
Odds of Winning: 10 to 1. They are physically strong, seem capable, and pay attention to clues.

Andy and Tommy
The Gimmick: They are former Olympians.
First Impression: They are physically strong, but stumbled a bit with the task of memorizing something in the premiere. And they went after a guy because he was sporting red-and-yellow boxers. They might need to work on their clue-solving ability.
Odds of Winning: 15 to 1. They are relaxed and like to high-five people, but that kind of charm and physical strength can't help you solve puzzles.

Bill and Cathi
The Gimmick: They are married grandparents -- he's a farmer and she teaches college classes online.
First Impression: They are the worst. They can't find clues and they wander around in the most illogical methods possible. They are giving older people a bad rap. At least they have the decency to realize their lack of common sense is embarrassing their former students.
Odds of Winning: 150 to 1. They'd be gone already if the first leg had been an elimination pit stop. They are certainly not long for this race.

Ernie and Cindy
The Gimmick: They are an engaged couple.
First Impression: He says she's a control freak, but then credits that for their team's first-place finish. She knows how to speak a Chinese dialect and has a positive spirit and a generally great attitude, while he's there for the grunt work.
Odds of Winning: 3 to 1. They are our favorites to win because they seem to work well together, take their time to figure things out without getting discouraged and bickering with each other, and are youngish and physically fit.

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Ethan and Jenna
The Gimmick: They are a dating couple who both won a million bucks on "Survivor." Ethan is also is a cancer survivor.
First Impression: They are basically the same chill people that won "Survivor." They are strong and intelligent enough to have separately won a million bucks, so some of those skills may apply here.
Odds of Winning: 8 to 1. They should benefit from the Rob and Amber effect in which strangers around the world recognize and want to help them. Paired with physical ability and previous experience with winning reality shows, they could collect a third million.

Jeremy and Sandy
The Gimmick: They are a dating couple.
First Impression: Oh, how we worry about couples who are just dating. Particularly when the guy says that spending this much time with his girlfriend is like test-driving a car to see if he wants to buy it. Still, they survived the first challenge OK. Once she figured out what a telephone looked like, that is.
Odds of Winning: 18 to 1. It's only a matter of time until they have their first meltdown.

Justin and Jennifer
The Gimmick: They are a brother-and-sister duo.
First Impression: They are cute and seem to like physical activities. While they bicker like the siblings they are, they were the first to find the balloon billboard and the third to land at the mat.
Odds of Winning: 12 to 1. All that arguing could take quite a toll at some point.

Kaylani and Lisa
The Gimmick: They are friends and former showgirls.
First Impression: They lost their passports before they even left the country on the first challenge… and imagine that people think they are dumb, but they swear they are smart. They were the last team to solve the umbrella clue and then Kaylani lost her passport on the way to the airport. Are "Amazing Race" fanny packs not cute enough for them?
Odds of Winning: 75 to 1. They are only still in it because of the kindness of strangers and the stupidity of others.

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Laurence and Zac
The Gimmick: They are father and son, and Zac was the youngest boy to sail the world solo.
First Impression: The show bills them as adventurers, and Laurence certainly seems to have had more than his share of life experiences. They seem remarkably cool and calm during challenges.
Odds of Winning: 6 to 1. Zac's already been around the world and faced adversities, so this race should be nothing for him. They could really give everyone else quite a run for their money.

Liz and Marie
The Gimmick: It's twins!
First Impression: They claim that they communicate without talking, but then they spend the first episode screaming and belittling each other. Could they maybe not talk using some inside voices?
Odds of Winning: 30 to 1. At first glance you'd think twins might have an edge, but watching Liz struggle to memorize that proverb was painful, and Marie's constant screeching didn't help matters.

Ron and Bill
The Gimmick: They are domestic partners.
First Impression: Though they are used to working with the airlines, they are both flying under the radar. That could mean a strong finish, or it could mean they aren't moving quickly enough. Still, they solved their tasks and to their credit were able to use their knowledge of LAX to be the first team at the ticket counter.
Odds of Winning: 20 to 1. Schmoozing with travel agents is a skill they can use, but on this game there are too many equalizer spots for that to really matter much.

"The Amazing Race" airs Sundays at 8pm ET on CBS.

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