The Amazing Movie Scene Anderson Cooper Thinks About When He’s Scared

The Set

On yesterday's "Anderson," titled "Confronting Your Fears," Anderson Cooper confronted his fear of heights, like he confronted his fear of spinach exactly one month ago.

If you want to see video of the heights part, it's here, but the most amazing part of the show was when Anderson explained to the doctor the technique he uses when he feels out of control, calling it "embarrassing and cheesy." It should be noted that Anderson was smiling and laughing at himself so hard while he confessed this:

"In scary situations I visualize two different things, like I was attacked in Egypt earlier in the year, and in those situations I visualize literally tensing up my muscles and literally just like barreling through. In other situations like when I'm a car careening down the mountain being shot at like in Sarajevo back in the mid-'90s, you know that movie "Dances With Wolves" with Kevin Costner? There was a scene in that movie where he's riding a horse, and he holds up his arms, we have a picture of it [shows picture], it's so embarrassing, this is what I visualize in situations where I have no control and just need to let go of being worried about it."

Then they cut to audience members, who were laughing, and then the doctor said that the "Dances With Wolves" image technique is actually really good and healthy. We are learning so much about Anderson Cooper from this show!!