All-Star 'Amazing Race' Season Features Universally Loved Losers Like the Globetrotters and a Few Everyone Loved to Hate (Welcome Back, Brenchel!)

Carrie Bell
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All-Star 'Amazing Race' Season Features Universally Loved Losers Like the Globetrotters and a Few Everyone Loved to Hate (Welcome Back, Brenchel!)

Eleven of the most memorable teams from the past 23 seasons of "The Amazing Race" are getting a second, and in some cases third, chance to be the first duo to find Phil's final mat after an exhaustive trek around the globe when the next season of Emmy-winning competition starts in February.

Whether they went home due to injury (like cancer survivors David and Connor) or idiocy (like fiancés John and Jessica who were Philiminated with an Express Pass in their possession), they'll all have something to prove as they travel more than 35,000 miles across four continents and nine countries.

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Our money is on reality-TV regular Rachel Reilly discovering she's expecting baby Brenchel with her partner-in-life-and-competition series Brendon Villegas. And even if she isn't pregnant yet, she sure sounds like she plans to get that way by race's end according to her bio. "I am passionate about sharing my life with America. Brendon and I fell in love while you were watching, we had our first kiss [on 'Big Brother'], won money to start a family and traveled around the world on an adventure of a life time while you laughed at my tears. I would like to have a race baby. That way when we win, we can tell them a really cool story about how they came into our #brenchel family!"

The dash for the million dollars includes rappelling down a roaring waterfall in Malaysia, a challenge high above a Chinese city, fueling vehicles in Sri Lanka, and fighting with gladiators in Italy as well as a dramatic twist that keeps one pair from even getting to the starting line.

"I have to redeem myself. Jamal and I are so competitive [that] it was so hard to go all the way to the end and go out the way we did. It's like making it to the Super Bowl and missing the game-winning field goal," explained Afghnimal Leo Temory in his official bio for the new season when asked why he and his cousin wanted to participate in back-to-back races. "Not to mention it's an experience of a lifetime. I cannot wait to interact with all the different cultures and visit more amazing countries."

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Three teams are back for their third race: The Globetrotters Herbert "Flight Time" Lang and "Nate "Big Easy" Lofton (placed fourth in Season 15 and second in Season 18), the Oklahoma cowboys Cord and Jet McCoy (placed second in Season 16 and sixth in Season 18) and the dynamic mother/deaf son duo of Margie O'Donnell and Luke Adams (placed third in Season 14 and eighth in Season 18).

Back for their second tour of duty-free are the aforementioned Afghanimals (fourth place in Season 23) and Brenchel (third on Season 20) as well as the following:

* Country singers Jennifer Wayne and Caroline Cutbirth who placed fourth in Season 22

* Father-and-son cancer survivors David and Connor O'Leary who were forced to withdraw from season 22 after David ruptured his Achilles tendon and tore a calf muscle in French Polynesia

* Minnesota fiancés John Erck and Jessica Hoel who finished in ninth place in Season 22 when they were the last to complete a task but failed to play their Express Pass

* Twinnies Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, fourth-place finishers in Season 21, who were known for their incessant cheering each other on and inability to drive stick

* Bouncy YouTube Hosts Joey Graceffa and Meghan Caramena whose fifth place elimination at the hands of their allies the roller derby moms in Season 22 trended on Twitter

* Loveable Kentucky bumpkins William "Bopper" Minton and Mark Jackson who despite shaving their heads for a Fast Forward were ultimately eliminated in the tenth leg of Season 20

"The Amazing Race" 24 premieres Feb. 23 on CBS at 8 p.m.