Alison Sweeney Joins Ellen’s Scare Hall of Fame


Alison Sweeney became the latest victim of Ellen's favorite go-to prank: scaring the heck out of a celebrity, using a staffer in a silly costume.

The setup in this case was bugs, because Ellen got wind of a story about Ali being scared to go camping because of all the insects she might encounter.

So, an intern was summoned, a giant bug costume was ordered from wardrobe, and a gift of free camping gear, complete with a cute-yet-funny beekeeper hat, was offered to Alison as the pretext. Then Ellen got her going about her fear of bugs, and this prank practically played itself!

The coveted double scream! Nice. Alison may have to take that weight-loss technique back to her bosses at "The Biggest Loser." Judging by that scream, she lost a few pounds of water weight from that scare!

But cheer up, Ali -- you now have the honor of joining a very distinguished hall of fame: celebs who've been subjected to Ellen's scare tactics. So what were some of the all-timers? Glad you asked:

There was Taylor Swift and the dressing room, Richard Simmons and the bathroom, Tracy Morgan and the shark, Julia Roberts trying to scare the scare-er, and, of course, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, and the panda -- celeb revenge!

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