The Alarm Clock That’s Powered By Water


"The Early Show": Well, of course a cowboy in Colorado rode his horse into the supermarket! That's just the cowboy way! Don't believe me? Ask anybody: Woody Harrelson, Keifer Sutherland, Dermot Mulroney... Ernie "Fourth Ghostbuster" Hudson! They'll all tell you! (That movie got totally robbed for Best Picture of 1994, y'all, by the way. Forrest WHO??)

"Live! with Kelly": Robert Downey Jr. is a man who knows his glasses. He opted for the bookish, perfectly-round tortoise shell frames on "GMA" today, but by the time he got to "Live!" an hour later, he'd busted out the amber-tinted aviators! Hey RDJ: I see what you did there.

"The View": I'm very intrigued by the alarm clock that's powered by water. That could have come in very handy the dozens of times I've reached to hit the snooze button and wound up knocking my bedside glass of water all over everything! If I would have had this cool invention instead of ruining my alarm clock, I would have charged it up and improved it's performance!

"GDLA": It was a good day in L.A. for the sound effects guy because you know he's been saving up that "boing" effect to use at just the right moment. And sure enough when they set down the kangaroo and let it bounce around the property, it was raining boings! And the impressive thing is that his timing was superb matching each kangaroo hop with a boing. If we ever get a kangaroo on our show, I know who I'm calling to run the sound!

"Today": Pop Rocks aren't just for kids anymore! That senior citizen lady looked like she was having a great time chowing on the exploding candy for the first time! I can't wait to see when she downs some Mentos and a Pepsi!

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