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Ain’t Showbiz Crazy?

Daytime in No Time

"CBS This Morning": It just occurred to me that Jamie Lee Curtis was in "Trading Places", where she didn't trade places with anyone (although she did play a lady of the night); but then she was in the remake of "Freaky Friday", where she DID trade places, with Lindsay Lohan (who's well on her way to becoming a lady of the night.) Ain't showbiz crazy?

"Today": Matt Lauer is NOT leaving "Today". Or tomorrow! He's here to stay, and I'm a happy girl — happy girl!

"GDLA": You know I really thought that a guy with a tattoo on his face who used to get punched in the head for a living would give a really compelling and sophisticated interview, but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for shattering my expectations Mike Tyson! But in all seriousness I was entertained, and that's really all that matters. So thanks for making my day Iron Mike!

"GMA": So long, Katie Couric! Great to have you back on morning TV, even if only for a week. Don't get me wrong... I love Robin Roberts. I'm totally team RoRo. But in my daytime dream world, K-Rock can come by any time she wants. Best friend anchor guitar solo! (Preferably Heart's "Barracuda".)

"Jeremy Kyle": Jeremy Kyle is not Jerry Springer! He's younger. And British!

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