Ahoy, It’s a Flying Boat on ‘Wake Up With Al’!


Eyewitness video that appeared on "Wake Up with Al" shows a boat flying through the air! Taken by Evan McCaffrey in Frankstown, Pennsylvania, the video is shot during a storm system that moved through the mid-Atlantic region, where high winds swept away anything that wasn't tied down. Out of nowhere, a 9-foot rowboat belonging to Evan's father comes flying into the shot and hits Evan's parked car before landing next to it, causing a little bit of damage. Evan described the winds as "more intense than I've ever seen here" and went on to say about his dad's reaction, "Let's just say it was good I had it on video because he wouldn't have believed me."

Al Roker, who hosts this hourlong show on the Weather Channel before heading over to do "Today," said "Good thing it was caught on tape; otherwise he would have a hard time explaining the damage to his insurance company.

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