Adam Lambert Blinds With Science In “Never Close Our Eyes” Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Adam Lambert has just pod-hatched his new sci-fi thriller video for "Never Close Our Eyes," and I imagine that if Duran Duran and Russell Mulcahy had had access to advanced technology (and access to RCA's advanced budgets) during their Seven & The Ragged Tiger video era, then their clips for "Union Of The Snake" and "Wild Boys" might've looked a little something like this.

The future-shocking, body-rocking "NCOE" video opus is equal parts time machine and CGI machine--a sort of laboratory hybrid of '70s space odyssey, Mad Maxian '80s dystopia, '90s cyber-rave, and millennial dance party. And it's about as addictive as the little-blue-different mystery pills that Adam's ruggedly outfitted fellow cyborg-patients gobble up like Pacman pellets in the video's early scenes.

Color me impressed (in various shades of science-blindingly bright neon, of course). This just might be Adam's best video yet. Clearly it is Lambert's brave new world now. We just live in it.

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