Actor, Novelist, Poet, Painter, Punching Bag: James Franco Rolls With the Punches for His 'Comedy Central Roast' [Video]

Yahoo TV

A new promo for the "Comedy Central Roast of James Franco" rolled out today, and it features the actor taking a slow-motion boxing glove flush to the jaw.

The roast, of course, has become an honored institution (sort of a Blue Collar Comedy Tour for the "Soup" generation) where people who take themselves too seriously can go to be taken down a peg. If that description sounds familiar, you're probably old enough to remember "Laugh-In" and a public figure only slightly less controversial than Franco:

This is the 13th roast that Comedy Central has produced. It started off targeting comedians (Jeff Foxworthy, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump — oooh, burn!) but quickly expanded to include noncomedians (David Hasselhoff, Flavor Flav, Roseanne Barr — oooh, double burn!).

The show airs on Labor Day (Sept. 2). It is not known whether Franco will be watching the show live, as he will be working on his doctoral dissertation, touring with a new novel, volunteering at a hospital, and doing a poetry open mike in the back room of a Shakey's Pizza that night.