Acting Like a Goofball!


"Today": Awww... Henry Thomas, the grown up version of the kid who played Elliott in "E.T.", said that the ending of the movie still makes him choke up. Hey, me too! But in my case, it's probably because I'm also always downing an entire box of Reese's Pieces. What? It's tradition...

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": I think I could listen to Christopher Walken talk about anything... movies, fashion, art, cowbells, hot dogs... really, anything at all! It. would. just. take. about. three... hours, because. of. all the... pauses.

"Wake Up with Al": I love how excited Al and Stephanie are about their newly renovated studio. They were playing with all the new bells and whistles and showing it off with wide camera shots, it was really quite adorable! So I just don't have the heart to tell them, that even though I watch their show every single day and part of my job is paying attention to little details, I seriously can't see anything different about the studio! But hey, if they have increased the size from 25 square feet to 30 or whatever (TV studios are small), and they have a mechanical green screen curtain then more power to them! Whatever keeps Al acting like a goofball!

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