‘Abby, It’s Happening Again!’: NBC’s Unintentionally Funny Promos for ‘The Firm’

The Set

Is "Abby...it's happening again!!" a household catchphrase yet? I mean, even when the TV isn't on? Because it should be. In a brilliant move, NBC is reminding audiences of the pedigree of their new January drama "The Firm" by showing a scene in which Josh Lucas's character Mitch McDeere says that on the phone to his wife. I don't know why it's funny, but it just is: "Abby, the events of the blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise are happening again, only on television!" And then there's the other promo, which focuses on the villains. I guess points should be given for making the villain who spells out that Mitch McDeere could ruin the group of villains' evil plan being a woman, but then those points and a hundred more should be taken away for that being a scene.

Oh, and actually, since I actually watched (and enjoyed!) "The Firm" recently on Netflix, shouldn't Abby still be kind of mad about Mitch having sex with the prostitute on the beach in the Cayman Islands? Because it's really weird that nobody actually made him do that! (Also, it was in the book, so there's no "It's based on the book, not the movie" excuse.) Promos!

And the evil villains spell out their plan (which actually bodes badly for the show's tone. Eek!):