A Big Move Blows Up in Someone's Face on 'Survivor'

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On "Survivor," if you're planning a "big move," it means one thing: You're going home.

We've seen it time and time again. Last season, Malcolm kept trying to make big moves and it cost him. This time, it's Caleb who schemes to make the big move of blindsiding Tyson and it gets him eliminated.

The thing about big moves? If you announce them to the people, it's no longer a big move.

With Caleb's departure, the Alliance of Singles is now blown to smithereens.

Here's what happened in this week's episode:

The Plot Thickens: Usually, scrambling only happens after an Immunity Challenge, but with so few players remaining, it's Scramble O'Clock all day, every day. Caleb and Hayden confer about trying to knock King Tyson off his throne, and pull in Katie and Ciera to their plan.

But Ciera immediately tattles to Tyson and assures him she's on his side until the end. They decide to get Caleb out before he can do it to them.

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Immunity Challenge: The challenge involves holding up a bucket with 25 percent of each player's body weight, but the more interesting part is that Jeff gives everyone the option to sit out and feast. Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera decide to take that offer, which totally annoys the others.

As they wolf down food, the others hold up their buckets. Monica wants to show her kids that "more than one badass lives in the house." Katie drops out first, followed by Caleb. Hayden valiantly tries to keep going, but his hands finally give way and Monica wins yet again. She's becoming a challenge monster!

Scramble Time: OK, now the real scrambling begins. Caleb and Hayden are feeling a bad vibe from Ciera and reailze she's probably flipped on them. So, they try to flip on her by telling Tyson that they only targeted him because they thought he was targeting them. Tyson actually seems to buy it, pondering whether Ciera is playing both sides.

For some reason, Ciera being a single mom makes her super sneaky (whatever, Tyson). Gervase just seems confused and lost. Their alliance is crumbling and nobody seems certain of what to do.

Tribal Council: Jeff immediately pounces on the choice from the Immunity Challenge. Isn't it awful that Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera felt safe enough to feast rather than compete? Hayden acknowledges that it bothers him, and shows off some fearsome blisters.

Then, they start to discuss trust, and Gervase says he's confident in his alliance and looks right at Hayden. This unnerves Ciera, who starts to get paranoid about whether her alliance is solid. She says she'd be shocked if she got voted out — she's been honest, maybe too honest, with her core people.

Everyone votes. Then, Tyson plays his Hidden Immunity Idol! What?! Seriously, it doesn't make any sense. Guess the paranoia got to him. The numbers are pretty even between Ciera and Caleb, but in the end, Ciera's move to go with Tyson and Gervase works. Caleb is voted out.

His "big move" fails, while Ciera's succeeds.

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"Survivor" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.