9 LOL Moments From the Emmys [Video]

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With half of the Emmy Awards dedicated to comedy, it’s no wonder there have been so many funny moments over the years. Aside from witty speeches, there have been hilarious hosts, side-splitting skits, and priceless presenters. Here are 9 LOL moments from Emmys history:

1. Melissa McCarthy is crowned best actress

Of course, the funny ladies nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy in 2011 — including Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Martha Plimpton — weren’t going to let their category be like any other. The nominees lined up on stage like Miss America contestants, and when "Mike and Molly" star Melissa McCarthy's name was called, she got a tiara and a bouquet of roses like a pageant winner. 

2. "Friends" cast discovers one of them won an Emmy

In 2002, the six stars of "Friends" presented together. When Matthew Perry joked that none of them had won a coveted trophy, Lisa Kudrow begged to differ.

"I won," she said with faux awkwardness. Her castmates pretended to be astonished.

"Seriously, for our show?" David Schwimmer wondered. 

3. Jane Lynch strolls through TV land

Emmy hosts are usually comedians or late night hosts, so Lynch was an out-of-left-field choice. But she proved it was a smart one with her sassy opening musical number, in which she sang her way through different TV sets like "Big Bang Theory" and "Friday Night Lights."

When she got to the office of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce on "Mad Men," everybody chuckled when Pete Campbell warned her, "What you should be doing is learning how to type and firing the guy who gave you that man’s haircut." 

4. Steve Carell accepts Ricky Gervais's Emmy

When Ricky Gervais won the Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy for "Extras" in 2008, he wasn't on hand to accept his award. So presenters Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart decided to give it to their friend Steve Carell instead. Hilarious man hugs ensued. 

5. Ricky Gervais takes it back

The next year, Gervais did show up to the ceremony to present. The show's producers had asked him to give tips on acceptance speeches, though as he noted to laughter, "I don't know why, as I've never made one. I wasn't here. I still won, though."

His advice? "Keep it short. Please, keep it short. Particularly if you're not onscreen talent. No one wants to hear from a producer," Gervais said.

Things just got funnier when Gervais spotted Carell in the audience and demanded his Emmy trophy back. 

6. Ellen wears a swan dress

The 53rd Annual Emmy Awards ceremony was pushed back after the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. At a time when the country was still healing, host Ellen DeGeneres lightened up the mood by taking the stage in a replica of Bjork's infamous swan dress.

"I guess this is business casual," she joked. 

7. Funny ladies don funny glasses

Again, girls rule, boys drool when it comes to category presentations. In 2009, the nominees in the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy all donned weird glasses — winner Kristin Chenoweth sported a pair with the year on it, Amy Poehler wore an eye patch, and Kristin Wiig had a monocle. But it was "Ugly Betty" star Vanessa Williams's reaction that really took the cake. 

8. Jimmy Kimmel cries in the women's bathroom

ABC's late night host is famous for his wacky sketches, like the one that opened the 2012 Emmys. Several female nominees were chatting in the bathroom when they heard wailing. Connie Britton opened one stall door only to find a naked Lena Dunham eating cake. But the crier turned out to be Kimmel, who didn't want to host after getting some work done on his face.

 9. Zach Braff goes British

When the 2005 Emmys needed some laughs, stat, they called on TV doctors Braff ("Scrubs") and Hugh Laurie ("House"). But when Laurie began reading off the teleprompter, Braff stared at his co-presenter.

"I didn't realize we were doing British accents," he said. And not to be "outdone," Braff proceeded to read his lines with a Cockney inflection.

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards will air live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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