9 Greatest Moments of the 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Trailer

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A positive pregnancy test, drunken brawls, and jealousy tantrums are what happen when MTV picks seven recently single strangers to live in a house ... wait for it ... with their exes. And think about it. If your friend invited you to a summer share and your ex showed up a week later, you'd probably be mad, maybe not as vocal as the average "Real World" contestant, but still.

Remember the dark days of Sammi and Ronnie fighting on "Jersey Shore"? Well, picture a houseful buzzing with that energy. Hormones are ranging, neon colors are flashing, and people are screaming and/or sucking face everywhere you look:

Here are our favorite parts; let us know about yours in the comments.

1. Best Blunt Dialogue Exchange

Sensitive Dude: "I just got done having sex with you, and then you jump right in and have sex with somebody else."

Sarcastic Chick: "Oops."

2. Easiest Question

Hurt Girl: "You're dating Jamie in front of my face. Does that not make me look like a fool?" We are gonna go with a resounding "yes."

3. Second Easiest Question

Girl blasts guy: "You get numbers in front of my face. Do you know how that makes me feel?" Bad!

4. Brave and Bold ... on the Phone

Crying Girl: "You better believe I will ruin his life." Maybe, if you ever get off the phone.

5. Brave and Bold ... in a Bikini

Angry Ashley blasts her housemates while wearing a pink bikini: "Let's see what the house does without Ashley here." Will she put clothes on before she leaves?

6. Classic "Real World" Overanalysis of the Obvious Award

Confessional: "I got my ex-boyfriend here and my friends with benefits here." We know. We saw the trailer!

7. Best Reenactment of Sammi and Ronnie

Girl holds knife: "You're pushing me to a level of insanity."

Guy (with mouth full): "Don't wave that knife around while you're talking to me."

Girl waves knife, busts a move.

Guy: "You are insane."

8. Deep Thought

Off-camera girl: "What happens in the past, it defines us." You learn something new every day, right?

9. Balloon Metaphor

More than a few times, we break from the human action to watch a heart-shaped balloon get shot by Cupid's arrow. Whoa.

"Real World: Ex-Plosion" premieres Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 10 p.m. on MTV.