6 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Questions We’re Asking

Erin Kim
Yahoo! TV

ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" unfurled some drama in its latest episode. With new romance, new clues and ... a bleeding Emily, we're asking a lot of questions that we hope this week's episode will answer — or can you?

6. Will there be another #AlisonFlashback?

"PLL" popped in an unexpected Alison DiLaurentis flashback with A and her mom. Alison's rage was definitely unwarranted; Keegan Allen, who plays "PLL's" Toby, held nothing back in his commentary.

The Alison flashbacks prove to be pleasant treats and make us feel that we know something more; but seriously, we just want to get to solving who's behind this murder web.

5. Is Hanna ever going to give up being the show's style star?

Hanna was our fashion favorite in the first episode of the season; she won the spot last week again. In one scene, she flaunted a bubblegum-pink jacket with studs. In another moment, she looked bright, albeit angry, in a striped mint button-down with coral accents. We're excited for her looks throughout the rest of the season, but we do hope that the others ladies will step it up.

4. Is Aria's karate crush going to come back?

While Aria learned to defend herself via karate, she inevitably grew weak in the knees finding fancy in her new, very handsome karate teacher. We wouldn't mind if her new love interest came back, but then again, we want her to focus on solving the show's mystery. Was the karate kid just a fling, or is this really a thing?

3. What will Ashley Benson tweet next?

Benson, who plays Hanna, charms fans with her social media clips and makes us feel close to her as she frequently live-tweets the show along with the audience. She doesn't have to say much to make us feel like we're BFFLs. And we hope she'll keep socializing with us through tweets, keeks, and whatever media she chooses to surprise us with.

Jun 18, 2013 | HAHAHAHAHHAHA @imarleneking by AshBenzo on Keek.com

2. Where'd the parrot go?

During Hanna's visit to Ms. DiLaurentis's place, she picked up a new friend — Tippy, Alison's old parrot. Spencer unleashed her bird-whispering skills and dished out plot-twisting clues from the new feathered friend. But we're not sure how helpful Tippy's tips will actually prove to be... At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if other animals came to the rescue. We're hoping for a narwhal — are we asking for too much?



1. Is Emily still alive?

The most worrisome question we're asking is if Emily Fields is actually breathing. In the last episode, Emily took one — a life-threatening one — for the team. On top of injuring her arm in the forest, she banged her head on the rim of the pool and went unconscious. Tumblr was crying a river. We won't mind if Tippy and karate lover are gone forever; we just want Emily back — and to get a little closer to figuring out A's killer.



"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on ABC Family.