5 Funniest Moments From Jimmy Kimmel's 'Escándalo' Episode 2

Kelly Woo
Yahoo TV

¡Dios mío! Things are really heating up on "Escándalo," Jimmy Kimmel's telenovela version of ABC's juicy drama, "Scandal." There's brawling, there's death, there's cereal consumption!

The hilarious spoof debuted last week and quickly became so beloved, it was picked up to series. In the second episode, the action escalates when Fitz/Antonio (Tony Goldwyn) tries to murder Presidente Guillermo in his hospital bed! But Guillermo isn't going to take an assassination attempt without a fight!

Watch the five funniest moments from "Escándalo" Episode 2:

Fitz/Antonio is not... (gasp)... a nurse!

David Rosen/random hospital patient likes to slurp his cereal.

El Presidente can have Olivia's heart, but not this body part (totally SFW).

The drama is getting so intense, Jake needs to to bite someone else's fist!

Warning: Nobody — nobody — goes in Cyrus's pool.

Watch the full second episode of "Escándalo":