4 GIFs to Help You Choose the New 'American Idol' Tag Line

Yahoo! TV

"American Idol" wants everybody in the "Idol"-watching world to hit up Twitter and Facebook to vote on the tag line for the upcoming season. Hey, that's one way to keep things interesting in the 13th — wow! — season. This is something for you to do while counting down to the January 2014 debut of the next season of "Idol." Think of it as a warm-up for the voting on contestants. This is like voting for people without the anxiety of sending that sweet-but-uncharismatic aspiring pop star back home to Omaha without a record deal.

Neither "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest nor the judges — Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban — are here to help you pick a side, so we made some GIFs to accompany the tag lines. So cross your arms, channel your inner critic, and check 'em out. You have until only Oct. 14 to cast a vote, so no procrastinating. Here we GIF:

1. We like this one because of the guy in the plaid shirt. He looks as if his dream really is listening to other people's dreams come true, right?

2. Wave your hands in the air like you very much do care about whose life is permanently altered by "Idol."

3. And every year, nonaging Seacrest brings the pep and the smile and makes us wish that everyone could win, even the William Hungs of the world.

4. This one is appealing because it reminds us that sometimes "Idol" winners really do become superstars. (Hey, Kelly Clarkson!)