3.14 slices of my favorite pie


The View”: TIL (today I learned) that Lucy Liu has spent years with a whole other second secret career, as a watercolor painter! For ages, she used the pseudonym "Yu Ling" so that reviewers wouldn't judge her work as "paintings by actress Lucy Liu". But then nobody paid any attention to them, I guess, so suddenly, it was all, "Hey look! Paintings by actresss Lucy Liu!" They're actually pretty great. And now she's put out a book of her work to benefit UNICEF. So keep an eye out for it soon in a gallery near Yu!

Today”: Happy Pi day! After “Today” reminded me what day it is (by having Gerard Butler do a blind pie taste test, for some reason), I've decided I'll enjoying 3.14 slices of my favorite pie (coconut cream), to mark the occasion. And that pie is divisible by nobody, you got me? They're mine all mine, until my diameter increases by the coefficient of what I put into my pi hole. Mmm, math.

Live!”: This isn't the only show that tried Sex Cereal today, and they're also not the only show that was inspired to play music after eating it! But the difference between this show and "Anderson Live" is that this show played better music, and had way better dancing! Sadly, I tried the cereal as well, but I was just sitting in a room by myself in silence so it wasn't near as fun!

Rachael Ray”: Michael Bolton had me the second he entered Rachael's kitchen. The fact that he sang snippets from songs and told kinky stories about Cher was all a bonus! One thing is for sure, I'm boltin’ outta here right after work to buy me some more of his music!

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