2013 DVR Alert: The Wanted, Lylas Get Their Own Reality Shows

Lyndsey Parker
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It seems like every burgeoning pop group is getting a reality show greenlit days. British girl-pop combo the Saturdays just debuted a borderline-unwatchable show on E!, "Chasing The Saturdays," but the forthcoming E! series starring another young British import, Lindsay Lohan's party pals the Wanted, might be a little more entertaining.

I admit it. I'll watch.

Slated to premiere in June and masterminded by--who else?--the unstoppable Ryan Seacrest, the tentatively titled "The Wanted Life" will feature the British bad boys bunking, Monkees-style, in a Hollywood McMansion. Ryan tweeted, "We're gonna put @TheWanted in a house here in LA for a couple months w/ every faith they'll behave themselves"...but of course, if he and E!'s powers-that-be really want to bring in the big ratings, they'll ensure that the exact opposite transpires. So expect the show's wet bar to be fully stocked, and don't be surprised if Li.Lo makes a cameo, too.

However, Lindsay may have some competition for her Wanted buddy Max George's affections: During an interview on Ryan's morning radio show Wednesday, Max admitted, "I'm not that picky when it comes to Hollywood girls."

Yep. "The Wanted Life" will be Emmy-winning stuff, for sure. Set your DVRs now.

On the classier end of the reality spectrum, the Lylas are also getting their own show. No, I don't mean LYLAS from "The X Factor"--those girls had to change their group moniker to Fifth Harmony, after they found out that their first choice of band name was taken. The original Lylas are Bruno Mars's backup-singing sisters--Jaime Kailani, Tiara, Tahiti, and Presley--and their journey from Hawaii to Hollywood will soon be chronicled on the WEtv network in what is tastefully being described as a "docu-series."

Which of these shows would you watch?

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