13 Standout 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Moments of the Season

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The season finale episode of TLC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" aired this week, which means the summer of historical gene pool adventures has come to an end. As we flipped through our scrapbook of episode recaps, we realized that attention must be paid to the most memorable moments and characters. So here we go:

Hottest Totally Natural Walk on Beach

There's a lot of unintentional humor when a celebrity walks through a field, beach, or street while looking "deep in thought" about his or her background. And nobody did it better than catwalker Cindy Crawford, who was pretty much born to walk on beaches and think about her ancestors or face cream or whatever.

Coldest Totally Natural Walk on Beach

Producers should have taken the hint when Chelsea Handler cracked a joke about going to the south of France in the off-season. She did not seem to be into the whole stare-at-the-freezing-sea thing. She looked like she was plotting an escape plan. And who can blame her?

Best Forced Family Fun Football

If there's one thing we learned from this series, it's that most celebrities could learn a thing or two about relaxing "Kardashian style." It was not easy for the majority of subjects to chill on camera. And clean-cut stud muffin Chris O'Donnell from "NCIS: Los Angeles" was easily the most uptight.

Most Elegant Eyewear

Many of the women on "WDYTYA?" resorted to reading glasses at one time or another. But Zooey Deschanel works them like no other. Maybe she's used to it from "New Girl." Maybe she's born with it.

Weapon We Want

We don't want to sit through "The Three Musketeers" or "Batman and Robin" again, but we would like to put on bright white gloves and get a little action with Chris O'Donnell's ancestor's sword.

Most Contagious Crying

"Anchorman" funny lady Christina Applegate became so distraught over court documents about her grandparents' divorce. And who could blame her? That story was nothing to laugh about.

Most Badass Male Relative

Trisha Yearwood's thief ancestor is a guy you'd wanna sidle up to at a bar because he could tell you stories about stealing deer, evading the death penalty, and being chained, shipped, and sold to a rich guy.

Most Badass Female Ancestor

Zooey Deschanel's ancestor literally helped the Underground Railroad stay in motion. It's a reminder that high school history books need more sidebars about women like that.

Coolest Current Crib

"Since You Been Gone" and other chart toppers have made Kelly Clarkson a very rich lady, and her home is luxurious yet cozy, like a giant HGTV- designed hotel room.

Dearest Dad

Christina Applegate and her dad both deserve better than her last show "Up All Night." Her papa came off as the kindest, gentlest soul. He had a truly tough childhood, and his vulnerability as an adult was inspiring.

Best Mom Ever

We want Jim Parsons's mom to tell us how she does her hair and whether or not she intends to resemble Sally Field in "Steel Magnolias." Then we want her to knit us a sweater and make us a sandwich with the crusts cut off.

Best Throwback Family Photos

Model Cindy Crawford's old pictures are interesting just because it would be so weird to never, ever be bad looking. The girl wasn't awkward for a day. Grrr.

Most Genuine Plug for Ancestry.com

Finally! A mention of sponsor Ancestry.com that doesn't reek of product placement. Hats off to season finale subject Jim Parsons, who seems totally, legitimately psyched to hit the site for the first time ever.