10 Dog Breeds Who Love to Party


By: Carol Bryant | Pet360.com

All dogs, in their own way, add a party to our lives: Their attitude, demeanor, ever-faithful presence, and unconditional adoration of us.

Some dog breeds, however, are the life of the party simply by their sheer presence and the way they light up a room like a box full of holiday lights. Kick off 2014 the right way with these 10 breeds who go the extra mile in the "party like there's no tomorrow" department:

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1. Beagle:
One word: Snoopy. Any Beagle parent can attest that this stately and super fun hound is always up for either an expedition, attention, or perhaps a little of both. Known for their keen nose, watch the party snacks when this self-assured canine is nearby.

2. Collie: One word: Lassie. People just seem to want to touch this gentle herding breed. Intelligent and kind-hearted, the breed is generally easy to train and good with children.

3. Lakeland Terrier:
Intelligent and inquisitive with a zest for life, this member of the terrier group is the perfect party guest. Known for their antics in keeping family members amused, Lakelands shed little to no hair, so no worries about post party clean up!

4. Keeshond: Originating in the Netherlands, this breed is dubbed the "laughing Dutchman," so he's made for party fun! They thrive on attention and are both outgoing and family-oriented dogs with a gregarious "here I am" nature.

5. Bull Terrier:
Lively, playful, and quite the charmer, the Bull Terrier needs to be socialized with other people and pets early on so as not to feel threatened by them. Once this breed has mojo working, look out party people: He loves to socialize.

6. Jack Russell Terrier:
Keep him active or he will get bored: Sounds like a party pooch, doesn't he? Described as a lively, eager, and intelligent breed, the Jack Russell Terrier needs to be kept busy or he may get bored and chew a lampshade or two. A bit independent/stubborn in nature, this rambunctious Rover is a driven breed ready to party! Get the down low on the Jack Russell Terrier and his strong instincts before welcoming one into your life.

7. Greyhound:
We double dog dare you to walk past a Greyhound and not feel the urge to give him or her a big hug. Intelligent, noble, and with a playful sense of humor these gentle giants make an entrance at any gathering.

8. Maltese:
Mischievous, adorable, affectionate, and high spirited: Sounds like a fab party guest, does she not? The Maltese is a playful dog who thrives on positive interaction and attention. Don't let this small package fool you, though: They love to both play and snuggle and do not do well with rough housing from kids, so tread lightly.

9. Golden Retriever:
Always up for an adventure, this breed exudes joy and spontaneity. With their eager to please personality, not only are they often employed in search and rescue, but they excel in just about any activity in which they partake. Did you know the Golden Retriever's roots are grounded in British nobility?

10. Old English Sheepdog:
Those in the know of this breed will admit to their sometimes "goofy" nature, and what party would be complete without a goofball? A family pleaser, he is playful and protective of his flock. Hollywood even loves the Old English Sheepdog, so be sure to check out this breed's bio and background.

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