Meet the Real Johnny Drama on A&E's 'Wahlburgers' Premiere

Kimberly Potts
Yahoo TV

With all due respect to Kevin Dillon, viewers will meet the real Johnny Drama — the character who inspired the famous "Entourage" character — on Wednesday night's series premiere of A&E's new celebreality show "Wahlburgers."

As the name suggests, the show revolves around the Wahlberg family — yes, those Wahlbergs: Mark, Donnie, etc. — and their plans to turn their local burger joint into a chain of international burger joints.

Brothers Mark and Donnie are partners with their big brother, Paul, the chef and detail-obsessed proprietor of Wahlburgers, while family matriarch Alma (who is officially the new queen mama of reality TV) spends plenty of time advising her brood, and trying to be diplomatic when they constantly quiz her about which of them is her favorite.

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And then there's the real Drama; that's Johnny Alves, a Wahlberg brothers friend since he was hired to "babysit" Mark after the youngest Wahlberg got out of jail at age 17. Johnny, as he relates in the premiere, was tasked with keeping Mark out of trouble, while also cooking, cleaning, and doing his laundry, and, of course, being a part of his — wait for it — entourage.

If that description sounds more like "Entourage's" Turtle, five seconds of screen time in "Wahlburgers" will prove Johnny Alves was definitely the inspiration for the personality, at least, of the show's Johnny Drama, as the charmer shows up at Wahlburgers and immediately flirts with a waitress and tries to score free lunch. That's so Drama!

The "Entourage" character — who has inspired everything from a New Jersey cover band to a Twitter account full of his most memorable quotes — also has something else in common with the real Johnny Drama: acting. Alves appeared in Mark's 1993 fitness video, "Form … Focus … Fitness, the Marky Mark Workout," and played a fan in Wahlberg's 2006 football film, "Invincible."

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Alves was also credited as a "consultant" on "Entourage" while trying to score more acting gigs in Los Angeles. (That's so Drama!)

Later in the "Wahlburgers" season, Alves will travel to Los Angeles, where he hangs out with pal Mark and, TV Guide reports, auditions for a role in Mark's 2015 remake of the movie "The Gambler."

That's a remake of the 1974 James Caan movie, not Kenny Rogers's 1980 made-for-TV flick. Though that does sound like exactly the kind of part Johnny Drama — real and fictional — would sink his teeth into.

"Wahlburgers" airs Wednesdays on A&E at 10:30 p.m.