'Under the Dome' Tweet-cap: Twitter Goes Crazy When Big Jim Kills…

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At this point in the season, "Under the Dome" has basically turned into "Big Jim Murders Everyone in Chester's Mill." Big Jim has killed Maxine, a bunch of random henchmen, and even Reverend Coggins! In Season 1's penultimate episode, "Exigent Circumstances," Big Jim went postal yet again — and Twitter went crazy after he killed a fan-favorite character! In fact, the only thing that bothered "Under the Dome" fans more than Big Jim's latest kill was the East Coast viewers' having to wait for the U.S. Open to wrap up before the show began.
The episode kicked off with Barbie being pursued by forces inside and outside the Dome. Big Jim has convinced the town that Barbie is actually responsible for most of the murders that he committed.
Meanwhile, Dodee overhears news that the military outside the Dome is trying to locate Barbie, as well. From communications with the military, Dodee learns just what a snake Big Jim is.

Once Big Jim realizes Dodee is wise to his evil ways, he kills her, and fans on Twitter freaked out!

Somehow, the only good cop in Chester's Mill is oblivious to the truth about Big Jim. Much to the frustration of fans everywhere, Deputy Linda just can't seem to figure out that Big Jim is a bad, bad man.
After having a vision that Big Jim must die, the fantastic foursome — Joe, Norrie, Junior, and Angie — decide to hide the mini Dome from Jim's prying eyes.

The group is also trying to determine who the mysterious "monarch" is. Joe seems to think it must be Barbie, but he's not the only viable candidate.

In the final moments of the episode, Julia woke up. She's the only one who can convince the town that Barbie is a good guy. But will the town side with Julia or with Big Jim? Fans are clearly hoping Jim will get what's coming to him in the season finale!
What do you think will happen in the "Under the Dome" season finale next week? Weigh in with your predictions in the comments below.

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