'Under the Dome' Tweet-cap: Riots and a Water Crisis!

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The June 29 episode of "Under the Dome" was titled "The Endless Thirst." In this thrilling installment of the series, the town's water supply and food stores began to dwindle, and a major riot broke out at the supermarket. Here are all the funniest and craziest tweets people shared during "The Endless Thirst," in case you missed 'em.

When a truck drives off the road and careens into the water tower, the tower collapses and water spills all over the ground. This sets off a chain of events that ends in a riot!

As if there weren't enough water problems in Chester's Mill, the local lake has been contaminated and all the fish are dying. With food getting scarcer, the supermarket began to get looted.

There's another shortage crisis in Chester's Mill. Insulin supplies are running dangerously low, a problem that strikes close to home for Norrie. One of Norrie's moms is diabetic, so Norrie takes it on herself to track down some insulin. This story line divided the fans. Some viewers loved it, while others thought it lacked something.

Another aspect of this episode that really divided the fanbase was the moment when it began to rain under the dome. The rain stopped the infighting and the violence, as people scrambled to collect the rainwater. But some fans wondered how it could be raining under the dome!

Meanwhile, Angie has her own problems. The resident punching bag of Chester's Mill manages to escape (again) from Junior's clutches, only to get attacked by other young men! Things get creepy in a hurry.

Angie ends up back with Big Jim, who decides to cut a deal with her. If Angie keeps quiet about the abuse she suffered at Junior's hands, he'll make sure she's protected and given access to food and propane. But can he be trusted?

There's one bright spot in all the darkness: "Under the Dome" has been renewed for a second season. But not every fan who took to Twitter was pleased about the renewal news!

Another source of fan disappointment was the death of Rose. Though she was a relatively minor character, fans of the show really loved her. RIP, Rose … you died before things got even weirder.

On a happier note, the sexual tension between Julia and Barbie finally exploded. The two shared a passionate kiss that had Julia/Barbie shippers squealing with delight.

What did you think of this week's installment of "Under the Dome"? Will Julia and Barbie's relationship last? Will Angie live to see the end of this season? Check out more of the best tweets about "The Endless Thirst," and weigh in with your comments below!

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