'Under the Dome' Tweet-cap: Julia and Barbie Finally Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

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The secret's out! In this week's episode of CBS's summer smash "Under the Dome," a veritable cornucopia of secrets are revealed to both the viewers and the characters on the show. In one of the biggest reveals, Julia and Barbie finally acknowledge the elephant in the room: that Barbie killed Julia's husband!

If you missed "Let the Games Begin," we've got all the best jokes and reactions that were posted on Twitter during the episode.

Before we get to the relationship drama between Barbie and Julia, let's catch up on the quest for "the fourth hand." Building on the plot from the previous episode, the teens decide to seek out the fourth person needed to activate the mini-dome.

Dodee tries her hand at, well, being "the hand." She gets rejected in a particularly violent fashion. Clearly, she's not a match!

After finally telling Joe that Junior kidnapped her when the Dome first appeared, Angie convinces her brother that Junior is the most likely "fourth hand-idate." She tells everyone about the painting with the pink stars, and it's revealed that Junior had seizures as a kid.

The revelation that Junior is the missing hand was met with plenty of fan outcry. For some fans, bringing abusive Junior into the "seizure club" just seems wrong.

Another component irking fans about this episode was the level of realism. Many fans took to Twitter to complain that the show was being a bit inconsistent with the town's dwindling supplies.
Another unrealistic situation that worked fans' nerves this week: the formation of a fight club in Chester's Mill.
Even though Max was just recently introduced, many fans are already sick of her. It doesn't help that she spends most of this episode trying to blackmail both Barbie and Big Jim.
Meanwhile, Linda finally learns the secret that Duke was hiding. After Duke's son died from an overdose, he vowed to keep drugs out of Chester's Mill. To do this, Duke, Lester, and Big Jim made a deal with Max. They provided propane, and she kept the town clean.
At the close of the episode, Julia and Barbie finally talk about the fact that Barbie killed Julia's husband. Since he was in such massive debt, Mr. S hired Barbie to kill him; the life insurance wouldn't pay out in the event of suicide.

Oddly, Julia doesn't freak out on Barbie. She was impressed by his cool head under pressure when the Dome came down.

There are only three more episodes before the season finale! What did you think of all the secrets revealed this week on "Under the Dome"? And what's going to happen next week? Make your predictions in the comments below!  

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