'Under the Dome' Tweet-cap: Are Viewers 'Hate-Watching' Summer's Biggest Drama?

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The tension is definitely ratcheting up on "Under the Dome." This week's roller-coaster ride featured more "pink star" seizures, a tense manhunt, and some serious controversy. Here are all the crazy moments from Monday night's episode and the funniest and/or most insightful fan and cast tweets to go along with them.

Just three episodes in, "Under the Dome" has cemented its place as one of the most tweeted-about shows of the summer. TV fans and the "Under the Dome" cast alike both love to live-tweet during new episodes.
And while many fans are tuning in to "Under the Dome" because they love the characters, there also seems to be a growing trend of live-tweeting the show as part of a "hate-watching" movement. Love it or hate it, though, this show seems to have a real grip on people.
So what actually happened this week? After former Deputy Paul Randolph fired the ricochet shot that killed Freddy Denton last week, Deputy Linda takes Paul into custody. Big Jim manages to calm down the lynch mob that wants Paul dead, but Paul tricks Linda and manages to escape back out into the wilds of Chester's Mill. Jim and Barbie join the manhunt for Paul, but it's Linda who takes him down in the end.
As for the ongoing creepiness that is Junior and Angie's "relationship," Angie was able to get Junior to leave her alone for a little while. She sent him off to dig his way out of the dome through old cement tunnels, to no avail.

When he came back to see her, Angie was smart enough to snag a pair of scissors from a first-aid kit he was using. Seems that most fans hope those scissors end up stuck in Junior's gut.

On a lighter note, the residents of Chester's Mill are starting to run low on certain types of food. The loss of bacon is a great hit to the morale of this creepy little town.
This episode also stirred up a bit of controversy on Twitter. Carolyn and Alice, the lesbian couple who are Norrie's parents, didn't originally appear in the novel. These new additions were at the center of some sexual-orientation drama in "Under the Dome" this week. Some fans were taken aback by the bigotry the women face in this small town.
As for Norrie herself, the puppy love between her and Joe McAlister just keeps on getting sweeter, and the fangirls just can't get enough of "Jorrie"! But what we want to know is this: What the heck does "the pink stars are falling in line" mean?

Check out more reactions to "Manhunt" on Twitter, and then sound off in the comments below. Who do you think will die next on "Under the Dome"? And what caused the dome to fall in the first place? Let's hear your theories!

Check out this tense moment from "Manhunt" and episode photos below: