'Under the Dome' Finale Tweet-cap: The Monarch Is Revealed, But Fans Left Unsatisfied

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One of the hottest and most watched shows of the summer, "Under the Dome" ended as strong as it started, pulling in 11.84 million viewers — its biggest audience since the series premiere. But that didn't stop a lot of fans from seeing red.

After the episode "Curtains" aired, scores of fans took to Twitter to complain about the conclusion. Here's some of the fallout from social media, in case you missed it!

After weeks of speculation about who would be crowned "the monarch," the butterfly above the mini-Dome finally started flapping around. Almost instantly, the little Dome went black ...and then the big Dome followed suit.
Meanwhile, Linda decided that nobody was allowed to touch the Dome except for her. It was great that she was trying to restore some order in the den of chaos that is Chester's Mill, but Linda forgot one very important fact. The Dome does not like to be touched.
The episode saw the return of conscious Julia, who was badly injured a few episodes back. Some fans were happy to see her up and about. Other fans ... not so much.
The fabulous foursome all decided to put their hands on the darkened mini-Dome, and it burst into life. This stunned the butterfly, but not for long.
The butterfly then landed on Barbie, prompting many fans to guess that Barbie was the long-awaited monarch. But moments later, Julia was the one who could quiet the egg. It was decided that she was the true monarch.
When Norrie asked the egg what it wanted from them, an apparition of her dead mother appeared. The apparition told her that the Dome was dropped over Chester's Mill to protect the town. The town had to protect the egg, or everyone would die.
Of course, the residents of this tiny town aren't exactly known for being nonviolent. While all this was going on, Big Jim was leading the town against Barbie. 

Big Jim ordered a gallows to be built to hang Barbie from ... unless Julia agreed to give him the egg.

Not surprisingly, more than a few fans took to Twitter to complain about the choice to have a black actor involved in the building of the gallows.

The episode's final minutes were totally intense. While Barbie was on the gallows, Julia dropped the egg into the lake. Pink stars began to fall, and Big Jim yelled at Junior to let Barbie die.

And then ... the episode just ended! Needless to say, a lot of fans felt surprised and cheated by the sudden cliffhanger ending.

What did you think of the "Under the Dome"season finale? Did you find it disappointing, or are you excited to see the new episodes next summer? Weigh in with your comments below! 

Watch the mini-Dome reveal the monarch in this clip from "Curtains":

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