'True Blood' Star Todd Lowe Teases Season 6: Death Is Coming

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With all the vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, ghosts, witches, fairies, and fire monsters running around "True Blood," it's a wonder that there are any regular human beings left.

But somehow, despite his town's being run over by supernaturals, Terry Bellefleur is still slinging hash at local diner Merlotte's. Though maybe not for long!

Todd Lowe chatted with Yahoo! TV about what fans can expect from Terry and his sassy wife, Arlene (Carrie Preston), in Season 6. And we got a scoop about the crazy season finale!

What are you guys shooting now?

We're pretty much wrapping up the last episode right now.

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We're sure you can't say much, but will it be as crazy as "True Blood" finales usually are?

Yeah, we always like to leave a little cliffhanger at the end of the season.

A little cliffhanger? Right.

A little one, yeah. Several!

Last season, Terry killed his army buddy Patrick as penance for the massacre they committed. Now, Patrick's wife has come around. What can we expect from that storyline?

Terry has a hard time lying to people, and Arlene has created this fib that he ran off with another woman. So, he's going to do his best to hold to the lie that they created as a couple. And we'll see how that manifests.

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It also really sweet to watch Terry show his cousin, Andy, the "daddy ropes." Though, with those fairy girls growing up so fast, Andy's outpacing Terry!

Andy's going to get this point that Terry hasn't experienced yet. The Bellefleur family has a handful of fairy girls, which is a problem.

We're huge fans of Terry and Arlene as a couple. How do you and Carrie make the relationship feel so natural?

She's a very giving actress, so it's easy when you have someone to play opposite who is there and present every take. We get along well as friends, and I look forward to working with her every day that I can.

Aside from the usual vampires and werewolves, you've had to deal with quite a few different supernaturals — like the fire monster and the ghost mom.

It is interesting to see how the writers deal with my character and Arlene... They keep us human but throw these supernatural intangibles into our lives that we have to deal [with].

But do you ever wish Terry were a supernatural?

Well, that's out there. And that's why I can't say too much more!

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Will Terry and Arlene get involved in the big vampire-versus-human war that's coming?

We're off in our own story dealing with Patrick's death, and we'll see if the action doesn't kind of come back to Merlotte's.

It's great to see the action back at Merlotte's again!

Yeah, I think we'll see a little more of it, and there might be a bit of a change.

Do you get any hints about what's going to happen on the show, or are you surprised with every script?

It's a surprise with every script. We get a little bit that there's going to be something big. Last year, Alan [Ball, show creator] told me at the beginning of the season, "We're going to see your backstory." ... They give us a little bit of plot points of what's going to go on so we know what to expect and how to play it.

And every script could bring your character's death. Is that hard?

I think everybody keeps their nails short by chewing them off, wondering if they're going to be the one to go. It's part of the show that we're working on. So, if someone's going to go, hopefully it has meaning and impact.

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Now that the show is in Season 6, there are some interesting new pairings. Is there a character you'd like to be paired up with?

I've never had a scene with Pam. I think that would be an interesting interaction, the two of them.

So, anything at all you can tease about the rest of the season?

They told us to keep to the central theme: Life matters. And power corrupts.

Since this is "True Blood," we can probably expect some deaths?

Yeah, that's coming. There's some of that coming.

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.