'True Blood' Recap: The Decision

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The episode "Dead Meat" in a nutshell:

What happened:

  • Sookie considers Bill's request to turn over Warlow
  • Alcide picks a side: the pack or Sam
  • Sarah goes over the edge when her secrets are threatened

Body count: 1

Nudity count: 1

New people and places: Violet, the Gen Pop queen vampire

Best line: "F---ing eternity? Couldn't you just ask to go to the movies with you next week? It's like all men are incapable of just wanting to date me." — Sookie

What's the deal with ... Sarah's murderous actions? How is she going to get away with this?


For five and a half seasons, Sookie Stackhouse has managed to resist and evade getting turned into a vampire. But with her friends' lives on the line, and Warlow issuing an ultimatum in return for his help, Sookie finally decides to turn.

"Destiny is too much of a b---- to keep fighting," she says sadly, ruefully.

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It's a life-altering moment for her — and Anna Paquin plays it beautifully with haunted eyes looking at herself in the mirror. Sookie as a vampire? Yeah, guess it was bound to happen eventually, and at least she's trying to do it on her terms. Still, we hope she gets to hold out just a little longer!

Sam, Alcide, and Nicole

Alcide arrives to the compound to find that they'd kidnapped Nicole and her mom. An angry Rikki confronts him about choosing them over the pack and challenges him to be packmaster. Rikki knows she can't beat him in a fight, but also taunts Alcide with the fact that he won't be able to finish her.

She and two other female werewolves start duking it out, but Alcide quickly kicks their butts while barely breaking a sweat. But Rikki was right — when the moment comes to kill her, he doesn't do it.

Instead, he takes Nicole and her mom back to Sam's. Alcide says he's done with pack life, and Sam invites him into the bar for a beer. Awww, besties!

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Sam gets the women settled in, and while hugging Nicole, he takes a few, deep whiffs of her hair. Wow, wonder what kind of shampoo she uses?

Inside Merlotte's, the two men share a bottle of rye. Alcide mentions that he caught Nicole's scent. "It yours?" he asks. Sam replies, "Smells like me to me." Holy shapeshifter! Is Nicole pregnant?

The next day, Sam begs Nicole to stay and confesses he loves her! And she loves him! WTF, seriously, Luna has been dead maybe a week, tops. Nicole's mom is really not having it, calling Sam a "Silver Fox" and asking how old he is. She has a point there.

Sookie interrupts their conversation to talk to Sam. In his office, she consoles him about Terry and Luna, then shows him her fairy supernova. If Sookie threw it now and didn't reabsorb it, she wouldn't be a fairy anymore. And maybe that'd solve all her problems. And maybe she and Sam could finally get together!

Whoa … hold your horses, Sook. Sam reels. He's always had a thing for her, but the timing is terrible as, yup, Nicole is pregnant.

So, no, the answer to Sookie's dangerous men problems isn't going to be hooking up with the town's nice guy.

Arlene, Andy, Holly, and Adilyn

Arlene and the Bellefleurs are still grieving and starting to plan Terry's funeral. After cooking up a delicious-looking breakfast, Lafayette drops the life insurance bomb on Arlene. She's devastated, of course, to learn that Terry planned his death and that he meant to leave her and the kids.

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At the funeral home, the Bellefleurs want a very proper service with military honors. Arlene just goes nuts. Terry hated the military and never wanted to join. "Y'all are burying a lie," she yells at Grandma Bellefleur, then stomps out. Andy and Holly comfort the widow, and urge her to take the security that Terry wanted her to have.

Meanwhile, Arlene had also yelled at Adilyn for listening in on her thoughts, and the young fairy decides to let off steam with Holly's sons. After dark in the cemetery, they have some alcohol, do some making out — when suddenly Eric appears. He wants Adilyn!

Sarah Newlin

Wow, Sarah has really cracked up after the governor's death. Though she plasters on a big, fake smile, she looks nervous as hell when people start asking where the governor is (remember that she's covering up his death).

Things go from bad to awful when the Tru Blood executive, Ms. Suzuki, shows up screaming for Burrell. When she sees the Hep V operation, Ms. Suzuki flips out and starts dialing the FDA. A frantic Sarah tries to choke her, but Ms. Suzuki is pretty strong. She kicks Sarah and runs into the Vamp Camp hallways.

Sarah chases after her, and they end up on the walkway above the Male Gen Pop room. One of Ms. Suzuki's heels catches in the walkway. Sarah starts smashing her face into the ground, then bashes one of Suzuki's heels into the poor woman's skull! "Thank you, Jesus," Sarah cries. WWJD? Probably not that!

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Jess, Pam, Tara, Willa, James, and Jason

In the afterglow of sex, James and Jess snuggle and tell each other how much they like each other. Too cute! But they're soon caught by guards, and before they're parted, Jess warns James not to drink the Tru Blood.

Back in their respective Gen Pop rooms, Tru Blood is being handed out. The women don't drink it, and instead, consider asking Queen Bee Violet if they can have some of Jason's blood. She doesn't want to share her boy toy, though. Jason has no choice but to go along with Violet's wishes, but has one request: not to rape him. The very intense Violet lets him know that when (not if) they have sex, it'll be consensual. Yowza.

Meanwhile, James makes friends of a sort with Steve Newlin, and warns the former reverend not to drink the Tru Blood. Unfortunately, this comes to bite him in the butt later, when Steve squeals to Sarah that they know about the Hep V. Ugh, being a vampire hasn't given Steve any backbone.

Sarah orders the guards to round up any vamps who refuse to drink Tru Blood. Steve, James, Jess, Pam, Tara, and Violet are all herded into the circular chamber. Jess knows exactly what will happen there — Bill told her of his vision. They're all about to meet the sun.

Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Warlow

Gazing on the remains of Nora, Eric quickly goes from devastated to royally pissed off — at Bill. He demands to know where Warlow is, and Bill admits that Sookie's hiding him.

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Over in that hiding place, in fairy world, Sookie binds Warlow's hands again as its nighttime. She asks him for a favor: to go with Bill to save her friends. Warlow resists, but then has a counter offer: He'll do it, if she turns into a vampire and becomes his. Taken aback, Sookie asks for time to think about it

When she emerges into the real world, Eric is lurking nearby. He goes over to the spot where she appeared, and waves his hand about. Nothing happens. Hmmm.

Sookie goes to talk with Bill, and she reveals Warlow's ultimatum. But this is not the Bill and Sookie of old; he could care less about her struggles over the decision. Does she want to save her friends or not? Sookie storms off.

She goes to visit her parents' graves and all the bitterness inside of her explodes. Sookie used to have such loving memories of them; now, she knows the truth. And maybe she should just give in to the inevitable. "Death ain't the end anymore. We all know that now," she huffs. "Death is just a f---ing pitstop on a road that keeps on going on a road with no end in sight."

Returning home, she calls Bill to come pick her up. She's made her choice.

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Sookie dresses up in a beautiful black lace dress — at least she'll look good for her vampire turning/wedding. She gazes into the mirror while putting the finishing touches on her hair. Her expression is cold, sad, and accepting all at once.

She and Bill head to the cemetery, but when they arrive in fairy world, they're shocked to find Warlow bloody and barely conscious. Guess Eric used Adilyn's blood to break into fairy world and feed on Warlow.

A 1,000-year-old vampire who can walk in the daylight? The world had better watch out!

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